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Wine Excellence

The beautiful region of Champagne does indeed produce the most discerning and delicate sparkling wines in the world. However, making wine on the northern limit for vine growing is an extremely daring undertaking—it takes a precious balance and exceptional expertise.

A precious balance


The Maison owns precious wine-growing land from the Montagne de Reims to the Côte des Bar, but the majority of the hundred growths used for the blending of its signature cuvée, a full bodied wine, come from those most representative of Champagne’s diversity. From among the region’s traditional grape varieties, a privileged place is given to Pinot Noir (55 to 60 percent). It gives structure to the composition. Chardonnay grapes (10 to 15 percent) add elegant nuances. Pinot Meunier (15 to 20 percent) expands the blend with its fruitiness. The precious reserve wines (10 to 15 percent) correct any vagaries of nature. They balance out the current harvest wines and perpetuate the signature of PIPER-HEIDSIECK’s non-vintage Brut.

The result is a delight for the senses. On the eye, there is an explosion of fine bubbles and golden glints as if the wine contained all the shades of the Champagne sky. The nose reveals subtle springtime aromas of citrus, apple and pear. In the mouth, the wine is forthright, structured and fruity.

Exceptional expertise

The harvested growths are vinified separately with due patience and care: variety by variety andgrowth by growth, in order to respect the typicity of their origins. The more nature is allowed to do its work, the less need there is for the wines to be filtered, centrifuged or racked, and the better they will be.


PIPER-HIEDSIECK has practiced this gentle, almost loving method of winemaking for more than a decade now. It is its hallmark and a guarantee of unfailing excellence. In order to preserve this quintessence, everything that touches the wine and that the wine touches is strictly controlled and monitored. Once a new piece of equipment or a new technique is proven to contribute to this quality, it is incorporated into the creation process.

Dating from 1995, the magnificent winery is without doubt the best example of this. And finally, its coveted treasure, the reserve wines, is placed into secure cellars, which are kept at a strictly controlled temperature.

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