Safety Information for Laser Light Projectors

BlissLights The FDA, IEC, and LIA, among other US government organizations, rigorously regulate the safety of laser projectors and other laser items available at Our products are divided into two categories: Class II and Class III. There is no known damage from any of the BlissLights products or lasers of their sort that fall into those two classifications, despite the fact that regulatory bodies demand warnings on all classes of laser devices.

We never advise staring directly into ANY type of laser, regardless of the class; however, these products would cause temporary spots, as seen if you stare at a light bulb for an extended period of time; no permanent damage from laser products with these specifications has ever been recorded. The laser output from BlissLights projectors falls at or below 5mW, which is another point in safety. According to the FDA and IEC, “Representatives from the U.S. FDA and other laser safety experts from various countries have indicated that there are no known documented injuries from exposures to Class II levels of laser”.

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You are using a class II or class IIIa laser if you utilize a laser pointer during a business presentation. Even when the laser is shone directly into someone’s eye, laser pointers are used all over the world without causing harm. These goods are not dangerous as long as the Class II or IIIa laser is at or below 5 milliwatts.

It is wise to exercise caution if you are in an area where someone may be using a single beam laser that could be pointed directly at someone’s eyes. Single beam lasers can be quite potent. In these situations, we advise against gazing in that direction unless you are certain that individual is trustworthy in terms of safety. Some people are concerned about the impact of our outdoor equipment on aviation.

The laser can only extend around 100 yards into the sky when you use our BlissLights in your backyard before it evaporates due to the laser’s divergence. The typical flight altitude is 18,000 feet, which might be over 90 times farther than the range of our lights. We recommend that customers who live close to an airport mount their projectors and point them downward from an above location such as a post, roof gutter, or tree. This is an added precaution.

Here are the precise prohibitions on using lasers if you’re close to an airport. None of our lasers produce beams with a power greater than 5 mW, and nobody has yet reported a conflict with a neighboring airport. We advise against short-range eye contact, which is painful but safe, like staring at a spotlight or movie projector, as mentioned on a warning label on the lasers. We have thousands of customers and have utilized Laser Starfield Projectors at hundreds of events without any reported problems.

Unlike commercial laser devices frequently seen at large events, the Laser Starfield projectors we provide can be used to shine at close ranges in bedrooms, onto a crowd, or onto a dance floor for any amount of time without posing any risks.

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Just keep in mind that our BlissLights and lasers are of limited power to allow for maximum effects and safe use when considering using them for recreational purposes. The original inspiration for these unusual goods was a nightlight for the creator’s daughter. We are always accessible to address any inquiries or issues and have years of experience using lasers for entertainment.

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