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Ed McCarthy Rates Rare Rosé 98 Points

rare-rose-2007-bottle-200wEd McCarthy, author of Champagne for Dummies, had an opportunity to visit recently with PIPER-HEIDSIECK Chef de Cave Régis Camus, and came away impressed with the wines they tasted together, including the new Rare Rosé. He writes:

It debuted in Paris two weeks ago; I was fortunate to be the first U.S. wine writer to taste it two days ago, with Régis Camus in New York. In one word, it is…magnificent! The color is as gorgeous as I have seen in a Rosé Champagne: It is a deep salmon pink, just a bit tinged with orange and peach. It is luminous; the Rare Rosé truly stands out in the glass as soon as it is poured. We used perfectly shaped white wine glasses, which enhanced its aromas and flavors (avoid using flutes with this Champagne–or any quality Champagne, for that matter).

The most surprising quality of Piper’s Rare Rosé 2007 is its depth and concentration. Although 2007 is regarded as a good vintage in the Champagne region, it also has the reputation of being rather precocious, with its Champagnes being generally ready to drink soon. Not so the Rare Rosé, for sure. I asked Camus why he chose the 2007 vintage for the Rare Rosé debut. Camus replied that the grapes he chose–56 percent Chardonnay, 44 percent Pinot Noir, mainly from Grand Cru vineyards–were perfect for the Champagne he wanted to produce. The Rare Rosé is elegant, with great finesse. It is subtle, with subdued aromas at this point, but with a purity of concentrated fruit and amazing depth. I would think that it needs ten years to fully develop, and yet it will be enjoyable to drink within five years. I rate the Piper-Heidsieck Rare Rosé 2007 a 98.

See McCarthy’s full piece on PIPER-HEIDSIECK at Wine Review Online.

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