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Rare Rosé Featured in Fortune

rare-rose-2007-bottle-200wA new article from Fortune captures the essence of Piper-Heidsieck’s spectacular Rare Rosé and the house’s move into the highest echelon of Champagne.

In the piece, which appears in the October print edition of Fortune and is now online, writer Shivani Vora describes the Rare Rosé as a bold new offering—“distinctly crisp, fruity, and full-bodied,” gorgeously packaged, and positioned to take advantage of the growing market for rosé Champagne:

Presented in a black lacquered-wood box with rose-gold metallic trim, the Rare Rosé is only the ninth vintage and the first rosé vintage Piper-Heidsieck has released. Only 1,500 bottles—a small fraction of its annual production of 5 million bottles—were produced this year and went on sale in September.

EPI Chairman Christopher Descours was interviewed for the piece, and Vora conveys the passion and commitment he brings to the Rare Rosé  and Piper-Heidsieck:

“This champagne is my chance to make a stamp on Piper and in the world of champagne,” Descours says….

“I love everything about champagne—the freshness, the bubbles, and how easy it is to drink at any time for any occasion,” he says, adding “buying Piper wasn’t just a business decision. It was also a personal one.”

Learn more about the Rare Rosé here.

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