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Introducing: Rare Rosé Millésime 2007

rare-rose-2007-bottle-200wWrapped in the riddle that was the 2007 Champagne vintage, the practiced eye of Piper-Heidsieck Chef de Cave Régis Camus saw opportunity—rare opportunity.

The growing season was a test from beginning to end. A mild winter gave way to a warm spring, and the vines exploded with growth, only to be met by a rainy May. Flowering was chaotic and into August cold and rain brought the scourge of grey mold. Growers were constantly in their vineyards, tending to the vines. But as often happens, nature, ever miraculous, rewarded those who showed devotion and trust, ripening grapes with pure radiance, spark and crispness. What a delightful surprise and joy!

Régis Camus chose this beautifully complex and eccentric vintage, rich in contrasts, to introduce the very first Rare Rosé in the Piper-Heidsieck portfolio. A blend of 17 crus, it a wine born of intuition, vision and aspiration—the very definition of Rare.

Grape varieties: 56% Chardonnay, 44% Pinot Noir
Winemaking: The wine goes through alcoholic fermentation in September and October, followed by malolactic fermentation from October to December. Blending of wines takes place from February to April, followed by racking in January.
Aging: Aged for a minimum of eight years.

A golden pink with glints of copper

The nose begins with notes of lychee and the fragrance of aromatic, exotic herbs. Next come notes of crisp Napoleon cherry and wild strawberries emerge, moving into a final aroma redolent of smoked tea.

The texture is silky and elegant in the mouth, like rose petals. The taste of red fruits blossoms in the mouth and merges into notes of aromatic, exotic herbs, pomegranate, vanilla, passion fruit and a dash of paprika to finish. A rich, full bodied and sophisticated wine, with excellent ageing potential.

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