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For a Week, She Lived Like Marilyn

What would it be like to live as your idol for a week? This fantastical scenario played out recently for Cosmopolitan Senior Beauty Editor Loni Venti, who embraced Marilyn Monroe’s look and lifestyle with gusto — including the great star’s love for PIPER-HEIDSIECK.

Among other things, that meant out with the coffee and in with the Champagne. As Venti wrote:

“That afternoon, when I usually pick up a flat white with my work bestie, I swapped caffeine for a little champers. Marilyn loved Piper-Heidsieck Champagne and kept a month’s supply in her kitchen at all times.”

As fun and wacky as the week was, Venti’s tale of life as Marilyn reveals how the experience took her deep into Marilyn’s — and her own — psychology, as when she was being photographed, something that had been a constant occurrence for the real-life film, fashion and style icon.

I tried to channel her sex goddess persona, her unapologetic love of the spotlight, and I sipped some liquid courage (more Piper-Heidsick of course). I stopped GAF about whether I’d be good enough/skinny enough/pretty enough/everything enough and just did my damn best to own the shoot and seize this incredible once-in-a-lifetime moment.

In addition to enjoying the video (above), be sure to visit the Cosmo website to read the article, “I Lived as Marilyn Monroe for a Week.”

(Feb. 11, 2016)

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