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Rosé Sauvage Brut NV

A high-proportion of Pinot Noir results in a bold, deep-hued rosé and a palate that is structured and full-bodied, and yet distinctly elegant. This unique, fruity Champagne, carefully crafted from more than 100 crus, is guaranteed to delight all the senses.

Varieties: 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Pinot Meunier, 15% Chardonnay
Winemaking: The wine goes through alcoholic fermentation in September and October, followed by malolactic fermentation from October to December. Blending takes place from February to April, followed by racking in January.
Aging: 24 months (vs. the 15 months minimum required for a non-vintage Champagne)

Scarlet red tint
Expressive aromas of blackcurrant, black cherry, and strawberry with the freshness of mandarins.
A juicy wine offering blackberry, pink grapefruit, and blood orange flavors. Warm and spicy notes of chili pepper, tea, and liquorice.

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